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welcome to the Dhanmill

Crafted from a Warehouse

We are everything you need. Period. Long story short!

You begin your day with the thought of discovering a little more in your life. You plan of going places, picking slivers for your checklist. We translate the meaning in this process. At Dhan Mill, we add experience to everything you do.


At The DhanMill,
We add experience to everything you do.

We have got privileges in every genre of living. It’s like an up-gradation in every walk of life. You look for fashion, we give you luxury brands under one-stop-shop, you step-in for a good coffee, we give you places to rediscover that sip-by-sip. We are always presenting a better preference for whatever you have in mind.

The Dhan mill is more than just a destination.

The resplendent space was curated to take the experience to another level. The place exhibits convenience in luxury that no visitor ever wonders- Why is it better?With top-notch luxury brands of all sectors, Dhan Mill invites you with an open heart.


An alternate world awaits you!


About us

The school of thought behind

Carved out from a warehouse, The Dhan Mill prevails everything you can partake.  Soulful art collectives & an unbeatable luxurious vibe in the place is something you need to make your day better!

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287,288, 100 Feet Rd, Chhatarpur Hills, Pocket D, Ambedkar Colony, Chhatarpur, New Delhi – 110074



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